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Garden Boxes

Grass Salad Anyone?

We all know that only cows, dogs, and sometimes toddlers eat grass. So why do we grow so much of it? We think removing grass and replacing it with food is the way to go. And with our beautiful garden boxes, it can still look attractive while serving a higher purpose! 

We make it simple!

The biggest complaint we hear about vegetable gardening is it takes too much time and effort to grow anything worthwhile.  And we agree! Gardening should be fun and simple, that is why we have spent countless hours designing the way that we build and install our boxes!

We make sure that every design includes driplines, protection from the elements, and most importantly, curb appeal. With our dripline system, you can remove everything from the box, till the soil, add your nutrients and then place the dripline back to continue watering. And if you upgrade your timer you can control everything from your phone!

garden boxes with flagstone walkway.jpg
Homemade - Local - Organic - Amazing

We don't order our boxes from overseas and we definitely do not use materials that will disintegrate or rust over time. We've tried the vinyl boxes as well as the galvanized ones and they just don't hold up to the pecky cedar timbers. It does make it more expensive, of course, but would you rather have a product that lasts 3 years or 30?

We purchase our timbers from a local supplier and then take them to a friend to cut them down to size.  They are fastened together using timberlok screws that we purchase in bulk from a nut and bolt (hint) store. They are then burned and finally stained using another local companies wood stain. After all that we use fabric that was made in Clearfield and dripline parts purchased from yet again, another local supplier.


We love our Ogden, Utah community so much we even set up shop at the 25th street farmers market and plan to do so in the coming years.

Did I also mention they are built by a woman?  And yes, she is as amazing as the boxes! 

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