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Design Pricing 


Champagne Taste with a Beer Budget? 

We ALWAYS recommend a design with any landscape project that has a budget of $10k or more. Why? Because a well-thought-out and documented plans are always better than winging it. You are making a big investment and having a plan eliminates any questions or concerns about what will go where and how much everything will cost. We always make sure to be budget-friendly with our designs, so if you tell us that $10k or even $100k is your budget then we will design your landscape with that in mind.   

Landscape Design Pricing 


- Frontyard OR Backyard only


- Average cost for an entire yard

$1000 and up 

- .75 to 1 acre lots and bigger


A design will include the following

- Onsite Consult

- 2D CAD layout

- Plant List

- Material List

*More details about re-design and procedures are sent with the design quotes. 

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