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We know that the process of getting quotes from companies, especially contractors, can be quite frustrating. This is why we wanted to document our process so that you can know what to expect. We have automated follow-up emails to all of our work request documents as well as a text line that you can use to communicate with our entire team after paying a deposit on a job. This way you are never left in the dark about when your job will be scheduled or if any changes need to be made to the scope of work. 


       You can either use the "Get a Quote" button that is located throughout our website or if preferred you can give us a call during business hours.  If you do call us during the day we will discuss your needs for a minute and then ask you to send us a text with your name, address, and some photos of the area where the work will be performed.  We will then schedule a phone call to discuss the project more.​ 


       Our scheduled phone call helps us determine the scope of work and the budget that you have for your project.  We start with the projects in your landscape that you would like to partner with Naylorscapes on to bring them to life.  As we gather the information a rough estimate is created so that we can discuss your budget for the project and whether or not we can complete the work within that budget.  If all parties involved with the project have agreed upon a budget then we can schedule an onsite consult.


       A consult fee ranging from $100 to $250 is required for an on-site consult.  Any consult fees are applied to the quote if signed within 30 days of the quote being sent. We charge consult fees for any project.  This consult fee protects our time as contractors and allows us to give the best possible experience for quoting projects.




       Naylorscapes would love to partner with you on a design for your landscape project.  We use professional software to create a CAD design for your landscape that really brings the project to life and creates a blueprint that we can use for the installation as well. We recommend this service for any larger projects that we will be quoting.  


We have made the investment to make payments easy for our clients.  All quotes are sent via email, from there you can sign the quote and pay using a credit card. We collect deposits upfront for all projects that will range from $500 up to 60% of the quoted price.  The amount for deposits is determined by our schedule and scope of work. A portion of the deposit will always be non-refundable, but if a job needs to be postponed until you are ready, we will still apply the nonrefundable portion to your job.



        If your project's estimated start date is further than 4 months out we will only charge a $500 deposit and send you an invoice for a materials payment 30 days before the estimated start date.  This allows us to purchase materials and schedule deliveries so that when installation day comes we can get to work and bring your project to life as fast as possible.  In some cases, we will require a larger down payment if certain materials need to be ordered. 


       Once you pay the deposit we will have an estimated start date based on a first come first serve basis.  We will also always be available, and happy, to answer any questions between signing the quote and the estimated start date. Dates for projects can vary from a few days and up to 30 days depending on the availability of materials as well as weather.   


     When the day finally arrives for us to start your job we are extremely prepared and will have all the tools and materials available to get the work done with speed and precision.  Progress payments for the job are always clearly included in our contracts so as progression on larger jobs happens we will invoice for payments.  

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