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The following is a list of warranty and disclaimer information for all aspects/areas of the work that we perform along with explanations. All of these warranties are in effect due to the environment in which our work is done. Winter freezing, drought, and other natural occurrences are out of our control.  

Sprinklers - New Work

Naylorscapes will warranty their new sprinkler systems from labor and manufacturer defects for the length of 1 year after the job has been completed. A new sprinkler system is built from the point of connection out. This does not include settling of earth, malfunctioning components due to debris in the water source, negligence in maintaining the sprinkler system, vandalism, hard water, winter freezing, or natural disasters.  This warranty is also void if any modifications to the system have been made outside of the exception of replacing heads and nozzles. The "labor" covered would include glued joints, threaded connections, clamped connections, and wire connections. 

Sprinklers - Remodel Work

Naylorscapes does not warranty any repairs or work we have completed on a remodeled sprinkler system. 

Naylorscapes will not be responsible for unforeseen issues with the sprinkler system that we were not made aware of during the design/quoting stage of our process.  This includes accidentally hitting existing sprinkler wires, piping, electrical, etc. This also includes faults with the water pressure and debris coming from the point of connection. 


Naylorscapes does not warranty plants once the job is completed unless expressed directly in the quote. 


Naylorscapes does not cover any settling in the natural landscape once the job has been completed. 


Naylorscapes does not cover damage to concrete that has occurred during our normal operating procedures. This includes cracking, stains, and chips that can occur while delivering and installing the materials used for the job. Concrete is well documented on the job site before the work begins. If you wish for us to not use the concrete please advise us during the quoting stage so that changes can be made in the quote to reflect any extra labor/tools needed to avoid the concrete. 

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