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Low Water - Low Maintenance - Highly Attractive

Let's turn your landscape into an area you can use!

A lot of people think Xeriscaping means a sea of gravel with a few boulders. But we can Xeriscape your yard using lush regional plants, outdoor living spaces, garden boxes, and more!

flagstone patio with benches and fire pit.jpg
Outdoor Living and Xeriscapes!

As mentioned above, Xeriscapes don't just have to be gravel. All of our designs start with the spaces that you will use for entertaining or relaxing after a long day of work. Flagstone patios are a great option for this. Or if you are wanting to be a bit more budget-friendly we have perfected the crushed stone patio. 

Lets rethink how we use our water!

Fresh water in Utah is a precious resource and should be at the top of everyone's mind while designing a landscape.  Utah is a region where we have dozens of drought-tolerant plants that are also beautiful.  Ground covers, perennials shrubs, and trees are all items we include in our designs. 

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