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Rock Wall / Excavation Pricing 

Boulders are Beautiful!

Gravel patio with fire pit and rock stairs.JPG

Rock walls aren't the cheapest thing to have installed on your property, but they will give you the greatest return on investment. By creating tiers and more space in your landscape you have more room for other features like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, or playground areas for the littles. And with us living in the great state of Utah, we have access to so many different kinds. We price our walls on square face feet. So a finished wall that is 20' long and 4' tall has a square footage of 80 square face feet.  We also have a minimum of $3500 for all of our walls.  

Rock Wall Pricing  

$50 to $85 per square face foot 

This will include the following

- Demo work of existing landscape

- Delivery of boulders

- Installation of boulders

- Grading of soil around the rock wall

- Cleanup of the site after the wall is done

Excavating Pricing

$125 to $200 per hour 

Excavating services are billed hourly. So for two people on-site for 6 hours the cost can range from $750 to $1,200 for labor only. This does not include the price of materials.



*All prices are subject to change due to material pricing, job location, and size of the job. 

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