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Xeriscape Pricing 


This job was quoted at $25k


This job was quoted at $60k

It depends! 

Pricing out a landscape isn't an easy task. This is why we spend so much time fine-tuning our estimating process to make sure that everything is included in the quote. Pricing can change due to soil type, equipment access, location, types of materials, etc. But what we can do is provide you with some ranges on what past projects have cost. 

Basic Entire Yard Xeriscape 

$8k to $20k 

A basic xeriscape will include the following

- Demo work of existing landscape

- Small area of grass with no sprinklers

- Large areas of gravel

- Smaller flower beds

- 15 to 25 Plantings

- Usually 1 to 2 trees

Premium Features Xeriscape

$20k to $60k 

A premium xeriscape will include the following 

- Demo of the existing landscape

- Larger areas of grass with sprinklers

- Large areas of decorative gravel 

- Several types of gravel 

- Patios/Entertainment areas

- Large flower beds

- 50 to 100 plantings

- Dripline 

- Boulders

- Rock walls

- Dry river bed features

- Underground drains from rain gutters

- Several Trees

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