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Low Water Landscaping

We live in a desert....

Naylorscapes is committed to installing low water use landscaping, and for a good reason. Ogden, Utah is currently experiencing a crippling drought that will last for years unless we change our watering habits and perception of what a standard Utah home should look like from a landscaping perspective. With our combined expertise at Naylorscapes, we can design, plan, and install the perfect Xeriscape! 


Pronounciation - Zer-ree-scape

Definition - A style of landscape design that requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, used in arid regions. 

This is one of our favorite types of landscape design, especially for Utah.  We have taken the idea of Xeriscaping and have Utahnified it. Meaning we use plants and materials that are friendly to Utah's region and design our landscapes with those materials only.


Our boulders are from the Wasatch mountains and supplied to us by locals. We have them hauled to each job site and have a relationship with our suppliers so you can trust that we are only getting the best boulders that are handpicked specifically for your design. 


The mulch we incorporate into our designs is created by YOU,  that is correct. We use virgin tree mulch supplied to us by our local landfill, after years of experimenting with different brands of mulch we landed on our favorite that is not only locally produced but also cost-effective as well. 

Plants are a very valuable commodity not only for your viewing pleasure but for the local wildlife as well. We design every landscape with this in mind. Our designs include species of plants that attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more to your landscape. We are also very dedicated to installing plants in your landscape that not only benefit you visually but nutritionally and mentally as well. Many Utah-friendly plants can be used medicinally for headaches, upset stomachs, burns and more. We also incorporate our custom garden boxes into many of our Xeriscape designs in case you want to enjoy your landscape AND grow your own food! 

Trees are one of the most left-out features of landscape design and we are not sure why! They are very important not only for local wildlife but they provide so much shade for your home and landscape. The shade allows your plants a rest from the brutal Utah summers as well as for your family when you are relaxing in your yards. 

Outdoor living spaces are often overlooked with Xeriscape designs. Naylorscapes makes sure to incorporate these areas into your landscape knowing they are probably the most reasons why homeowners hire landscapers in the first place. We are known in the area for our creative designs involving spaces within your landscape to relax and enjoy your yard. 

Traditional grass is a tough one, but not impossible. We always make sure our client's needs are met and sometimes that includes grass. We will only install up to 1500 sq. ft. of grass in backyards and it will be a drought-tolerant species like Fescue or a Cabin Grass mixture. Limiting this allows for a seamless irrigation design and creates a space that your children, pets, or even yourself can enjoy. 

Clover lawns are our favorite! We plant white clover seed instead of grass and the benefits are amazing. Less water, less maintenance, softer to the touch, and stay green even under the toughest conditions. 

Whatever your reason is for installing a Xeriscape at your home we can accommodate your needs to make it a personable and relaxing area for you to wind down and enjoy your time off with the family. 

Click here to see some of our favorite Xeriscape designs

Garden Boxes

What do garden boxes have to do with low water landscaping?

If you ask anyone on the Naylorscapes team we are going to tell you A LOT!

If you are thinking about doing your part in conserving water for future generations why not do it in a way that can also sustain your families health as well.  Imagine walking out to your front yard and picking vine ripened tomatoes and succulent cucumbers for your afternoon salad, or maybe you decide to plant mint for those late night cocktails as you cozy up by the fire. That sounds like a lot better way to utilize the space in your landscape. 

Our boxes are built with a sustainable pecky cedar. They come in standard sizes or we can build them custom for your project. We always line them with fabric to protect the lumber from the soil and water. They are also burned and stained to protect them from the elements that is Utah weather. 

Call us today to start your custom designed garden area or if you prefer only one or two boxes to start we can do that as well. 

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