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Maintenance Pricing 


It's hot and I don't want to!

We have been there. It's too hot or too cold and you don't have enough time to maintain the beautiful landscape you had us install. This is why we have a special service for existing customers with maintenance. This can include weeding, mulch, pruning, raking, hanging out, or spring and fall cleanups. 

These services are a cash-only experience. No checks or cards, but we have been known to trade some things for our hard work from time to time.

Landscape Maintenace Pricing 

$500/per person 

- 7- 8 Hour Day

- 1 person

- No removal of trash/weeds from the site


- Minimum for any service

- 2-3 hours tops

- No removal of Debri

$100 to $250 per load  

- This is to remove the debris from the job

- Weeds, plant trimmings, etc. 


Most requested services

- Weeding

- Plant Trimming

- Leaf Cleanup

- Spring Touch Up

- Conversations with Crew

- Dog Sitting in the Garden

- Garden Planting

- Sprinkler Adjusting

- Etc.


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